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company news about Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Drying

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Company News
Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Drying
Latest company news about Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Drying

Polyureas have excellent performance and are therefore widely used in waterproofing, anticorrosion, flooring and other fields. Among the many excellent properties of polyurea, the characteristic of quick drying is highly controversial, some people think it is an advantage and some people think it is a disadvantage, so how should we look at the characteristics of quick drying of polyurea?


Polyurea is a general term for a class of materials, the curing time of different polyurea products varies, according to the construction characteristics, can be divided into spray polyurea and hand brush polyurea. Spray polyurea curing time is the quickest, usually cures and dries in 3-5 seconds. Such a fast drying time can only be achieved with specialized large-scale spraying equipment. The AB two-component material is transported to the inside of the machine, warmed up quickly, and then atomized and coated on the surface of the substrate by ultra-high-pressure jetting. Hand-brush polyurea usually refers to the polyaspartic polyurea (the third generation polyurea). Polyaspartic polyurea extends the reaction activation time, so it can realize roller coating, scraping, spraying and other construction methods.

latest company news about Advantages and Disadvantages of Quick Drying  0


Advantages of quick drying

  1. Quick film forming speed: quick-drying polyurea can quickly form dense film, to avoid water vapor and other penetration on the waterproof effect.
  2. Can greatly improve the construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, save labor and time costs.
  3. Less restrictive conditions: the construction of fast-drying polyurea coatings is less affected by the environment, energy-saving and bake-free, and can maximize the avoidance of damage to the coating caused by external factors during curing, such as rainfall, trampling, etc., to ensure the completion of the effect.


Disadvantages of quick drying

  1. High cost of spray equipment and labor: for spraying polyurea, the biggest disadvantage of quick drying is the high demand for equipment. Large spraying equipment is usually expensive, the requirements of the workers are also very high, and need strict protection, otherwise the spraying of paint molecules are easy to harm the human body or contamination of other areas that do not need to be sprayed.
  2. More demanding on the process and workers: polyaspartic polyurea can be hand brushed, overcoming the defects of spraying polyurea. However, attention needs to be paid to the precise proportioning of the construction, the two components of the material is mixed evenly, and then complete the construction within a specified period of time(Different products have different time, need to refer to the instructions for use). It's best to mix as much as you use to avoid wasting materials.


The performance of any material has two sides, we should look at it discerningly. However, it is undeniable that for some emergency repairs and quick repair projects where time is money, the fast-drying characteristics of polyaspartic polyurea play an irreplaceable advantage. In addition, its high solid content, no baking, and low VOC emissions have contributed to the current "dual carbon" energy-saving and emission reduction policies. I believe that in the future, polyurea will be used in more and more fields.


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