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company news about An epoch-making product of sealant industry-- polyaspartic polyurea sealant

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Company News
An epoch-making product of sealant industry-- polyaspartic polyurea sealant
Latest company news about An epoch-making product of sealant industry-- polyaspartic polyurea sealant

The proper sealant name is surface decorative joint adhesive, an upgraded sealant product. Glue is better than color sealant in both decoration and practicality. It effectively solved the problem that ceramic tile gaps could be more beautiful and accessible.


The traditional sealant is made of epoxy resin, but in recent two years, a polyaspartic polyurea sealant has appeared on the market, which is made of polyaspartic polyurea resin. Due to the excellent performance of polyaspartic polyurea sealant, it has been recognized by many consumers as soon as it comes into the market. It makes the sealant industry have epoch-making products, so many well-known brand manufacturers have begun investing in the research, development, and sales of Polyurea sealant.



So, why does polyaspartic polyurea sealant have such charm? Why can it replace epoxy sealant and become a new generation of ceramic tile sealant?


Although epoxy sealant is rich in color, its use performance and decorative effect are also good, which can meet people's basic needs for the beauty of home decoration. However, it has always had one unavoidable drawback - it tends to turn itself yellow and fall off. In this case, a non-yellow and weather-resistant new sealant - polyaspartic polyurea sealant came into being.


latest company news about An epoch-making product of sealant industry-- polyaspartic polyurea sealant  0


As shown in the figure, the epoxy sealant appeared to have a severe yellowing phenomenon under continuous ultraviolet radiation. And even on the fifth day, it had severe cracking, while the polyaspartic polyurea sealant sample remained as white as the original appeared.


  • Why does not polyaspartic polyurea sealant turn yellow?


Epoxy sealant is made of epoxy resin. The benzene ring structure determines the inevitable yellowing of epoxy resin. However, polyaspartic polyurea sealant is made of aliphatic materials, and its system has no allogenic group. So, no matter how the sun exposure, polyurea sealant can remain as white as new!


  • On the fifth day, the epoxy sealant cracked seriously, while the polyurea sealant was still flawless. Why is this?


The experiment found that adding plasticizer in the production process causes the brittle crack of epoxy material. Polyurea material has high solid content and low viscosity, so there is no need to add any plasticizer in the production process.



In addition to the above advantages, polyaspartic polyurea sealant has the benefits of environmental protection and is odorless. Compared with epoxy sealant, the gift of polyaspartic polyurea sealant is also recognized by most consumers.


Anyone who has used epoxy sealant knows it has a very intense taste: the smell of free ammonia from synthesizing its curing agent. This is an unavoidable problem as turning yellow. However, polyaspartic polyurea sealant completely solves the problem from the root cause because there are no odor-producing free substances in the hardener and resin. According to the third-party testing report, polyaspartic polyurea sealant can perfectly meet the requirements of EU A+ environmental standards.

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