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company news about Application of polyaspartic polyurea in waterproofing field -- water park

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Company News
Application of polyaspartic polyurea in waterproofing field -- water park
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It has been popular to use polyaspartic polyurea waterproof material for many years in water parks such as wave wave-making, water villages, children's paddling pools, rafting rivers, and small bubble bars.


The application of polyaspartic polyurea in water parks has many significant advantages:
1: the product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe to be applied.

2: high impact resistance, wear resistance, frost and thaw resistance, and strong adaptability to environmental change.

3: bright color, decorative, durable, and not discolored.


When constructing a water park waterproof layer, we usually build more than three layers, including a topcoat, middle coat, and primer.


Polyaspartic polyurea elastic (non-slip) topcoat has many advantages, including firm, non-slip, weather resistance, simple construction, beautiful appearance, with certain flexibility.


There are two advantages of coating polyurea elasticity in the middle coat. On the one hand, it has high tensile strength, good elasticity, good elasticity at low temperatures, and high solid content (close to 100%). On the other hand, it has the remarkable characteristics of excellent waterproof effect, good flexibility, and no cracking in shallow temperatures.


The advantage of primer is to enhance the strength of concrete, which to the concrete substrate, has a better sealing effect, with an improvement of the adhesion of the entire coating and concrete.

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