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company news about Exterior waterproofing: how to choose between waterproof coating and waterproof adhesive?

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Company News
Exterior waterproofing: how to choose between waterproof coating and waterproof adhesive?
Latest company news about Exterior waterproofing: how to choose between waterproof coating and waterproof adhesive?

Building walls are subjected to rain erosion all year round, and with the increase in height of modern buildings, buildings accept the wind pressure will gradually increase, thus making the leakage rate of the building's exterior walls also gradually increase, which leads to the shortening of the life of the building. Therefore, the waterproofing of external walls is more important than the waterproofing of internal walls, the requirements are also higher. There are various choices of waterproofing materials for external walls, and polyaspartic polyurea is one of the most ideal waterproofing materials because of its excellent performance in weather resistance, waterproofing, and crack resistance. The polyaspartic polyurea used for exterior waterproofing has two kinds of waterproof adhesive and waterproof coating, how should I choose these two products?


Waterproof adhesive or waterproof coating?

We should choose according to the specific needs and substrate conditions:

  • External wall waterproof adhesive: Due to the clear texture of polyaspartic polyurea waterproof gel, does not affect the wall itself color, so it is suitable for tile base waterproofing or later waterproof repair, can play a good role in wrapping the wall brick surface, moisture-proof and mildew-resistant.
  • External wall waterproof coating: Due to the bright and colorful color of polyaspartic polyurea exterior waterproof coating, and dirt resistance, durable color, can play a waterproof decorative integration effect, so it is more suitable for the exterior wall as a whole large area painting, instead of the traditional decorative coatings or veneers, usually in the architectural design stage of the material selected, painted directly on the concrete substrate. The protective effect is very excellent.

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The external wall waterproofing construction precautions

1, Ground treatment: Keep the substrate clean, dry and free of large stains. If using transparent waterproofing adhesive, the wall tile seams should be caulked in advance in order to save materials.

2, Protection: before the construction of the external wall, other parts of the building such as balconies, holes and other parts of the building should be well protected to avoid paint pollution or blockage.

3, Construction: before the construction, we should check whether the packaging and sealing of the paint are intact and in the effective use period, and then mix the paint well according to the proportion, and use it within the specified time. If a construction fails to use all the amount, it should be covered and sealed to save for the next use. Polyaspartic polyurea construction methods are varied, large area construction is recommended to spray, small area repair can be used to brush or roller coating construction methods.


Polyaspartic resin is the raw material of polyaspartic polyurea coatings. Feiyang has 30 years of experience in the R&D and production of polyaspartic resin. We offer the following products:

Feiyang also provides technical support, such as polyaspartic coating formulations. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us:,

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