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company news about Polyaspartic Polyurea, Powerful Industrial Coating

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FEIYANG did offer their professional services and products to us. That is why we have had a long-term and stable business with them for several years. Nowadays, we are more like partners instead of just one of their distributors. Also, I hope we can expand markets in the future together.

—— USA Distributor

Feiyang is a reliable supplier, not only their product quality but also their professional technical support and service. We have done business together for six years already, which contributed to the growth of our business from nothing to several containers annually. We are so happy and lucky to have Feiyang as our partner.

—— European Distributor

We are very happy to be one of Feiyang's distributors in Australia. They are pretty nice supplier. They always do their best to meet our requirements. Our customers also trust Feiyang's high-quality product and out-standing service. Looking forward to developing more business together.

—— Australia Distributor

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Company News
Polyaspartic Polyurea, Powerful Industrial Coating
Latest company news about Polyaspartic Polyurea, Powerful Industrial Coating

"Environmental protection, energy saving and health" is the inevitable development direction of coating products in the future. As a kind of environment-friendly coating, Polyaspartic polyurea is being widely used in the field of forklift, excavator, heavy truck, gantry crane and other construction machinery.


Polyaspartic Polyurea, Powerful Industrial Coating

Polyaspartic polyurea coating has four characteristics: high solids, no baking, energy saving and environmental protection, and strong weather resistance. As a "high solids and low viscosity" industrial coating, polyaspartic polyurea coating can reach 100% solids content, which can achieve low VOC emission and no harmful substances will be precipitated during the curing process. Because of its low viscosity, polyaspartic polyurea is also very convenient in construction, it can be rolled, brushed and sprayed, which greatly reduces the difficulty of construction.


Secondly, industrial coatings need to consider the drying and self-drying time, which will cause the problem of anti-corrosion performance reduction and the lack of basic physical properties if you are not careful, while polyaspartic polyurea coatings have the characteristics of controlled reaction speed, which can realize fast curing without baking, reduce construction costs, reduce carbon emissions, improve the efficiency of the flow and save construction time.

Take heavy truck as an example, heavy truck is especially time-consuming and energy-consuming in terms of coating drying, not to mention that it has to be driven on the highway for a long time, and the sand friction in the air and rain and other climate changes will accelerate the aging of the coating, and polyaspartic polyurea has the ability of good environmental protection, convenient construction, and can be fast self-drying and curing at low temperature, and it is a high-strength and high-elastic material, which can resist wind and sand impact or rain erosion and avoid damage to the main structural materials, so It can better protect the body, and can better decorate and long-lasting protection for heavy trucks.

In addition, the biggest advantage of polyaspartic polyurea is its extremely strong weather resistance, its weather resistance can be compared with fluorocarbon coatings, while having the advantages of low VOC and low temperature curing that fluorocarbon coatings do not have. It can protect industrial machinery from ultraviolet radiation, wind, frost, rain, day and night temperature difference and other climate change factors, reduce the wear, peeling, chalking or cracking of the coating surface, thus improving the service life of industrial machinery itself.


The application and development of polyaspartic polyurea

Polyaspartic polyurea is a new type of two-component, adjustable curing speed, adjustable rigidity/flexibility, low-temperature curing, super weather-resistant, high-performance polyurea material, which is widely used in industrial coatings, adhesives, waterproof materials and structural materials because of its "environmental protection, energy saving and long life" characteristics.


The application and development of polyaspartic polyurea


As we all know, doing technology is boring, it is destined to face the repeated process of constantly seeking proof and pushing back, and it takes a long time from R&D to mass production because of the great investment in new material research. However, Feiyang's R&D team has more than 40 professional R&D personnel, almost all of the company's employees are chemical background, the concentration of scientific research is nearly full. It is under such a premise that Feiyang has undergone continuous testing, improvement and promotion, and finally gained market recognition. The company has also become a national high-tech enterprise, and successfully won the national specialization and special new key "small giant" award. At the same time, we have more than 40 invention patents of polyaspartic polyurea, edited or co-edited 8 national, industry and group standards related to asphalt polyurea materials, and undertaken 5 national, provincial and municipal technical research projects, becoming the leading enterprise in this niche field and ranking first in domestic market share.


The future trend of polyaspartic polyurea in coating industry

Green environmental protection and low-carbon has become an important standard and requirement for the development of production in all industries. As a new material with unique advantages in both energy saving and environmental protection, polyaspartic polyurea will have more huge space to play in the future.


Feiyang can provide technical support and raw materials for your R&D and production of polyaspartic coatings.
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