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company news about What are the high solids eco-friendly coatings?

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Company News
What are the high solids eco-friendly coatings?
Latest company news about What are the high solids eco-friendly coatings?

With the development of social economy, people's demand for green environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and coating products are no exception. At present, for most of the countries and international companies, high solids, solvent-free coatings are the mainstream technology route for the development of green coatings. So what exactly is high solids coating? What are the advantages of polyaspartic polyurea applied to high solids coatings?

What is high solid coat?

High solid coatings are coatings with high relative molecular weight and low solid content, referred to as HSC (High Solid Coat), usually with a solid content of up to 65%, 85% or more, and the most environmentally friendly high solid coatings are solvent-free coatings. High solid coatings are widely used in light industry, handicraft, textile, electromechanical, instrumentation, engineering machinery coating and so on.


Why choose high solid environmental protection coatings?

High-solid low-solvent coating system supporting advanced exhaust gas integrated management solvent use recycling fine management, VOCs emissions can be controlled below 10g/m³, can meet the most stringent VOCs emission regulations, so for the transformation of traditional coatings enterprises, heavy-duty anticorrosion engineering and the application of marine ship coating, etc., it is not lost as a cost-effective choice.


The main resins used in high solids environmentally friendly coatings include: polyaspartic polyurea resin (polyaspartic resin), high-solid polyester resin, high-solid acrylic resin, high-solid polyurethane resin, high-solid alkyd resin and so on. According to the molecular structure determines the molecular properties, to achieve 1000-1500mPas, common acrylic, polyurethane, alkyd and other resins with a solid content of 70-80%. In the room temperature self-curing system, polyaspartic resin with solvent-free low viscosity isocyanate is one of the few solvent-free low viscosity construction materials that can achieve 100% solids.

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Low-temperature curing, super abrasion resistance, and high weather resistance are also unique properties of polyaspartic polyurea. Therefore, polyaspartic polyurea has a wide range of application prospects in petroleum and petrochemical anticorrosion coatings, marine coatings, wind power blade coatings, automotive coatings and other fields. With the rise in labor costs and raw material prices, the profit margin of enterprises has been greatly squeezed, and the future trend is not only to require low VOC, but also to ensure high anticorrosive performance while ensuring compliance with environmental requirements, improving construction efficiency, and reducing coating costs. It can be seen that high solids coatings will win more markets in the future.

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