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company news about What are the ingredients in polyurea and polyaspartic polyurea?

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Company News
What are the ingredients in polyurea and polyaspartic polyurea?
Latest company news about What are the ingredients in polyurea and polyaspartic polyurea?

What is the composition of polyurea?
Polyurea is an elastomeric material made by the reaction of isocyanate component (referred to as A component) and amino compound (referred to as B component), which is a new type of non-polluting, solvent-free, high-performance green coatings containing repeated urea groups in the molecular structure. Through the efforts of experts for decades, aromatic polyurea, aliphatic polyurea, polyaspartic polyurea and other polyurea with different molecular structures have been put into use in major fields.
The more widely used spray polyurea elastomer (SPUA) combines the reactive properties of polyurea with the rapid molding properties of reaction injection molded polyurethane (RIM), can be a variety of large-scale equipment or complex surfaces surface treatment, but its operation requires professionals equipped with special spraying equipment.


What is the composition of polyaspartic polyurea?
Polyaspartic polyurea is an aliphatic, slow-reacting, high-performance material that has gained attention due to its excellent overall performance, adjustable reaction time, and good outdoor weatherability of polyaspartic polyurea topcoats.
Polyaspartic polyurea is composed of two components, and hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) trimer and polyaspartic ester were used in the early stage, but the synthesized polyaspartic polyurea showed poor performance in mechanical properties and complex microstructure. Afterwards, polyaspartic polyureas were produced by first reacting aliphatic isocyanates with end-amino polyethers to obtain prepolymers or semipre-polymers, and then reacting with amino components.
A series of polyaspartic derivatives with different strengths, gel times and properties can be obtained by selecting different primary diamine compounds to react with maleates, and the tensile strength and elongation of the polyaspartic polyurea materials obtained by reacting different kinds of polyaspartic with HDI trimers with 20.5%-21.5%-NCO content are also varied greatly.


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