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Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing?

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FEIYANG did offer their professional services and products to us. That is why we have had a long-term and stable business with them for several years. Nowadays, we are more like partners instead of just one of their distributors. Also, I hope we can expand markets in the future together.

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Feiyang is a reliable supplier, not only their product quality but also their professional technical support and service. We have done business together for six years already, which contributed to the growth of our business from nothing to several containers annually. We are so happy and lucky to have Feiyang as our partner.

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We are very happy to be one of Feiyang's distributors in Australia. They are pretty nice supplier. They always do their best to meet our requirements. Our customers also trust Feiyang's high-quality product and out-standing service. Looking forward to developing more business together.

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Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing?

Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing?
Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing? Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing?

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhuhai, China
Brand Name: Zhuhai Feiyang
Certification: ISO 14001-2004, ISO 19001-2000
Model Number: Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing?
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 200kg
Delivery Time: 7 days after orders comfirmed
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: More than 20000 tons per year

Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing?


The roof is the outer protective structure at the top of a building, typically serving to withstand external factors such as wind and sun exposure, ensuring the building's durability and sturdiness. Protective measures during roof construction are indispensable. Today, Feiyang introduces the application of polyaspartic polyurea in roof waterproofing.


Why is Polyaspartic Polyurea Recommended for Roof Waterproofing? 0


Traditional roof waterproofing materials commonly include modified bituminous felt, waterproofing membranes, APP modified bitumen, polymer waterproofing rolls, and JS waterproofing paint. Traditional roof waterproofing materials, such as bitumen, waterproofing rolls, and APP, when exposed to sunlight, undergo photoaging which can result in warping and cracking. Even if the material itself doesn't warp or crack, it can still fracture due to the warping and cracking of the concrete (caused by stress, vibration, and other factors). Waterproofing rolls, in particular, have numerous seams, which, under the effects of outdoor photoaging, can accelerate leakage. Once leaks occur, pinpointing the exact location becomes challenging.


Polyaspartic polyurea surpasses traditional waterproofing materials in performance. It possesses excellent physicochemical properties, including high tensile and impact strength, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-slip properties, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the polyaspartic polyurea coating adheres 100% to the substrate, offering a seamless surface with superior integrity and effective leakage prevention.


Due to its inherent flexibility, anti-aging properties, and mechanical strength, elastic polyaspartic polyurea remains unbroken even when concrete warps or cracks. Not only does it remain intact, but it also firmly "grips" the concrete, providing both waterproofing and protection. This elastic polyaspartic polyurea waterproofing material is especially suitable for high-end building structures' roof waterproofing, achieving a "once and for all" solution.


Feiyang has been specializing in the production of raw materials for polyaspartic coatings for 30 years and can provide polyaspartic resins, hardeners and coating formulations. Some of our polyaspartic coating formulations: Polyaspartic Coating

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Our products list:

Polyaspartic Polyurea Resin FEISPARTIC Series

Model Density (25℃) Viscosity (mpa.s/25℃) Solid Content (%) Equivalent Weight Hydroxyl Value Equivalent Gel Time/min (25℃, RH55%)


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1520)

1.06 800-2000 96±2 290 5.86 130
F520L 1.06 700-2000 96±2 290 5.86 130


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1521)

1.04 110-210 88±2 326 5.21 -
F524 1.02 1600-2800 97±2 330 5.15 26


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1420)

1.06 800-2000 97±2 277 6.14 18
F421 1.06 800-2500 ≥99 277 6.14 26


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1423)

1.06 800-2500 ≥99 271 6.27 26


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1220)

1.05 60-100 97±2 230 7.39 2


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1720)

1.07 70-140 97±2 290 5.86 60


(Equivalent of Desmophen® NH 1723)

1.07 80-140 ≥99 290 5.86 60
F2872 1.06 300-500 97±2 290 5.86 26
F157 1.09 3000-6000 98±2 350 4.86 27
F286 1.06 200-800 90±2 330 5.15 26
F221 1.07 400-600 97±2 379 4.47 28
F321 1.04 200-600 - 379 4.47 55
F330 1.06 250-600 97±2 334 5.09 21


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Elastic Hardener FEICURE Series

Model Density (25℃) Viscosity (mpa.s/25℃) Solid Content (%) NCO Content (%) Type
SP-103P 1.01 100-300 60±2(BA) 3.2-3.6 IPDI Prepolymer
GB905A-85 1.05 3000-6000 85±2(xylene) 6.6-7.2 IPDI Prepolymer
GB926-85 1.07 4000-6000 85±2(BA) 4.9-5.3 IPDI Prepolymer
GB951-100 1.11 1000-2500 ≥99 20.8-21.2 HDI /
Si Prepolymer
GB963A-100 1.12 1000-2000 ≥98 8.5-9.0 HDI /
Si Prepolymer
GB-963B-100 1.12 1000-2000 ≥99 10.0-10.4 HDI Prepolymer
GB902-100 1.12 4000-6000 ≥99 8.8-9.4 HDI Prepolymer
GB930-100 1.10 200-700 ≥99 19.5-20.5 HDI Trimer
GB805A-100 1.05 3000-6000 ≥98 4.7-5.2 TDI/HMDI Prepolymer
GB805B-100 1.05 1500-3000 ≥98 10.3-10.7 TDI/HMDI Prepolymer
GB605C-100 1.04 2000-4000 ≥98 8.1-8.6 HMDI Prepolymer


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Feiyang Special Chemicals Catalog

Product Name Molecular Formula CAS NO.
Trimethylolpropane diallyl ether(TMPDE) C12H22O3 682-09-7
triallyl ether(APE) C14H24O4 1471-17-6
Diethyl toluene diamine (DETDA) C11H18N2 68479-98-1
4,4'-methylene bis(2-methyl cyclohexyl-amine)(DMDC) C15H30N2 6864-37-5
4,4'-Methylenebis(cyclohexylamine)(HMDA) C13H26N2 1761-71-3




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